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當文青媽媽遇上藝術 When literary mothers meet arts

(Scroll down for English) 雖說表達藝術治療不注重技巧,但總會碰上充滿才華的組員!這個媽媽小組,是一群熱愛寫作的知識分子。當我們一起作詩的時候,他們的才華毫不掩飾地展現,並以十分悅耳的聲音朗讀出來。不只是歌聲可以繞樑三日,朗讀詩句都可以! Although expressive arts therapy stresses on ‘low skills’, I can always meet talented participants! These mothers are intellectuals who love writing. When they were composing poems, they couldn’t stop demonstrated their talents! They read the poems with sweat voice and tone. A good song can linger for three days; and so as a good poem!

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