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治療師和參與者是夥伴關係,藝術媒體是我們的溝通工具,藝術創作是共同語言。所有藝術媒體的共同之處,都是能觸動我們心靈! 請你不用擔心,藝術是沒有對與錯的。





創作力通常在中年達到高峰,而且是可以繼續保持的; 而我們的個性可以不斷發展,是不會停止的。要是我們能在生命的每個階段都創作,一定能活得更精彩!





藝術幫助我們溝通一些不懂得怎麼表達,甚至連自己根本都不知道的思想與情緒。治療師鼓勵參與者,用不同的表達方式, 激發創造力,讓他們的情緒與思想,更能夠於藝術作品展現出來。請你放心! 治療師不會強迫你說出你的想法。你可以跟隨你自己的步伐創作。


How does the therapy work?

Art creation allows participants to consider a range of potentials and possibilities.


The process of mood expression is a kind of enrichment and clarification of the affect. Participants often experience a sense of meaning and autonomy. With a break from the everyday life; we can examine and transform from our usual behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs.


I don’t know how to make art!

You don’t need. Therapists do not judge the quality of an art object. The therapy rests on processes rather than techniques.


We treat varies art forms as language and mode of interaction between therapist and participants, and embrace it as a partner in expression. Its primary focus is the commonality in all arts, which are touching people’s heart. Don’t worry! Art is never in bad taste!


Am I too old to be creative?

We have worked with participants from 4 years old to 85 years old. In our personal experience, participants at all ages can engage in expressive art therapy. Don’t underestimate your innate potentials!   

Creativity is often peaked in early middle age and remains active in later life. The development of the individual personality accumulates over a lifetime and never ends. By encouraging creativity throughout the lifespan, we can live more fully and achieve personal fulfillment.


What if I don’t want to disclose my secret through my artwork?

The therapy focuses on experience and expression; rather than analysis by therapists.


Art helps us to communicate thoughts and feelings that we don't know how to express, or may not even know that we have. Therapists use different art forms to amplify imagination, and clarify expression. Don’t worry! We don’t force participants to tell us their thoughts. They can do it at their own pace.

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