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「中國書畫」與「我的喜•怒•哀」 'Chinese Calligraphy' and 'My Happiness, Anger, and Sadness'

今早在第一屆「表達藝術治療日2019」,舉行了一個工作坊, 讓參與者體驗如何以中國書畫,作情緒表達。他們除了以筆、墨,創作自己的字,更以身體動作,表達對情緒的感覺。有趣之處是,他們的身體動作與剛剛所創作的字,有不少吻合的地方! 最後,他們在十分短的時間內,創作了一個形體動作的表演,令我十分讚嘆!

當中一位參與者亦是表達藝術治療師,她說明天便會在一個小組,用我的方法跟一班智障人士,體驗一下。 我也希望多些同業,一起使用中國書法呢!

I had facilitated a workshop in the 'Expressive Arts Therapy Day 2019' this morning. The participants experienced the use of Chinese calligraphy and painting to express emotions. Apart from creating their own words with Chinese brush and ink, they use body movement to express their feelings. It was interesting that their body movements had lots of similarities with the words which they just created. Finally, they performed body movements in groups within short time!

One of the participants is an Expressive Arts Therapist. She said that she will use my method to facilitate a therapy group with learning difficulties tomorrow. I really hope more creative therapists can use Chinese Calligraphy in their work!

# EATAHK 2019

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