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奢華的陷阱 The Luxury Trap

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農業革命是人類犯下最大的錯!人類需要花大量時間耕作,不得不停下來定居,放弃原来自由自在的生活。事实上,是人類被農作物给圈养了。科技發展带来文明进步,也同時增加個人的苦難 (Harari, 2011)。

The Agricultural Revolution was the biggest mistake that people have made. Farming demands so much time that people were forced to settle down, and give up our freedom! Indeed, humans were domesticated by wheat. The progress of our civilization resulting from technological advancement increases individuals’ suffering (Harari, 2011).

Harari, Y. N. (2011). Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Penguin Radom House.

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