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為何人類可以超越其他動物?Why human can outstripped other animal species?

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如果我們跟猴子說:「若你把手中的香蕉給我,你死後便可得到無數的香蕉」。他會相信我們嗎?為什麼人類會相信神話故事?由部落的巫師、現代的律師,到標致汽車的獅子(企業神話); 人們的集體想像力提升我們的合作能力,而且超越其他動物 (Harari, 2011)。

Can we convince a monkey to give up a banana if we promise he’ll get an unlimited supply of banana after death? Why human beings believe in common myths? From tribal shaman, modern lawyers to the Peugeot Lion, our collective imagination drives us to cooperate and outstripped other animal species (Harari, 2011).

Harari, Y. N. (2011). Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Penguin Radom House.

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