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巫師﹒表達藝術治療 Shaman & Expressive Arts Therapy

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於古希臘,巫師以音樂、舞蹈、故事、為社區進行一些儀式 (Malchiodi, 2012)。他是藝術家,亦是治療師! 他使用儀式、想像力、圖像、節奏與舞蹈,透過創作過程,讓參與者找尋內心的平靜。我不是一個巫師,但我運用這古老儀式相似的表達方式,將藝術應用於精神治療,讓人們達至心理健康 (Knill, 1994)。

In ancient Greece, shaman conducted ceremonies using music, dance, and story for their communities (Malchiodi, 2012). A shaman is an artist and a healer who uses tools of ritual, imagery, imagination, rhythm, and movement to help people rebuild inner peace and harmony. I am not a Shaman, but I employ similar practices to facilitate participants to regain their lost spirit through creative expression. Expressive arts therapy is a contemporary manifestation of ancient shamanic practices of searching the welfare of soul and wellbeing (Knill, 1994).

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