​Scope and benefits​

Expressive arts therapy can help our clients in the following aspects.

  • Promote self-understanding and development

  • Improve interpersonal relationship

  • Enhance family relationship and parenting

    • Reduce discomfort through self-acceptance

    • Promote sense of autonomy and increases people’s capacity to deal with life situations and psycho-pathology

    • Discover the lovely parts for life and gain insights

  • Study and work

    • Broaden views and improve communication

    • Promote a sense of mastery through connecting personal meaning with universal meaning

    • Stimulate personal fulfillment and guide future direction

  • Mental health conditions (e.g. ADHD, developmental disabilities, eating disorders, depression, chronic mental illnesses)

    • Tension reduction by establishing order during expressive process

    • Stimulation of senses, and increase awareness of internal calm

    • Break out of loneliness and increase quality of life