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治療室內的謊言 The Lies in therapy room

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最常見的三個謊言包括: 1. 我感覺有多壞 2. 我的病徵有多嚴重 3. 我對自殺的看法

為了鼓勵於治療期間的坦誠,治療師可以讓參與者知道坦誠對治療的裨益; 及在治療期間, 他們能討論任何話題。

Psychotherapist facilitates a safe environment during therapy, but 93 percent of clients said they lied to their therapist (Farber et al., 2019).

The top three lies are: 1. How bad I really feel 2. The severity of my symptoms 3. My thoughts about suicide

To encourage honesty during therapy, therapist may explain why disclosure is valuable for treatment; and all topics are discussable in therapy.

Farber, B.A., et al., (2019), American Psychological Association.

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