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為何香港名人的偷拍視頻, 能轟炸社交媒體? The racy video clip of the Hong Kong celebrities exploded the social media. Wh

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人們對於名人, 有建立親密關係及連繫感覺的趨向 (Chung and Cho, 2017)。 名人的完美形象,由集體意識所創造, 並為我們提供一個沉溺幻想的工具。 他們是許多人重要的模仿對象及「幻像中的現實」的來源。 若一些人以「 幻想中的現實」來應付真正生活的困難,這些名人將會為他們扮演一個十分重要的角色。 當「幻相中的現實 」被粉碎,一些对名人有強烈連繫感的人,會感到迷惑、灰心、甚至憤怒。 這個心理狀態,可以解釋許志安被偷拍, 該視頻被大眾觀看後,引起的激烈反應。

具體來說,公眾及粉絲們對許先生的婚姻,視為完美, 是基於多年來,一些公開的正面評價。 許多人會將自己對理想浪漫關係的幻想,投射於許氏夫婦的婚姻關係。 偷拍視頻揭露他們真實的婚姻關係后, 粉碎許多人的「幻想中的現實」, 引致一些公眾戲劇性及非理性的憤慨。 我認為這證實了人們的心理健康, 是可以由外界因素所影響,而不是完全基於自己本身。

Individuals tend to develop a sense of intimacy and a feeling of connectedness with celebrities (Chung and Cho, 2017). The celebrities’ perfect images are created by the collective consciousness and provide us a vehicle for an indulged imagination. They serve as important role models for many and a source of imagined reality. This may play a critical role for individuals who rely on this imagined reality to cope with the hardship of real life. Once this imagined reality is shattered, those who are deeply attached to the life of their celebrity models tend to suffer delusion, despair, and even anger. This psychological process may explain what happened after the video clip of Andy Hui was disclosed to the public.

Specifically, the fans and the public tend to perceive Mr. Hui’s marriage as an ideal one due to the years of positive publicity. Many people may project their imagination of an ideal romantic relationship onto the marriage life of the couple. The video clips presented a hard truth of their marriage and smashed the imagined reality of many, causing dramatic and somehow irrational outrages from the public. Well, from my point of view, this just provides another evidence of how individuals’ psychological well-being is shaped by external factors rather than by the self.

Chung, S. and Cho, H. (2017) Fostering Parasocial Relationships with Celebrities on Social Media: Implications for Celebrity Endorsement, Psychology & Marketing.

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