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禪繞畫工作坊 Zentangle Workshop

剛剛完成了「禪繞畫工作坊」的第二波, 同學的反應都十分好, 紛紛說我的表現十分專業. 這個當然與我的教學及治療師背景有關. 看見學員於短時間內, 創作出自己喜歡的作品, 真的感到禪繞畫的可愛之處!

感謝「三拙堂」的支持, 讓我可以使用有三邊玻璃窗, 十分寬闊的畫室!

I have just completed the second Zentangle Workshop. The participants enjoyed the workshop very much. Thanks to my teaching and therapy background, they appreciated my professional facilitation! All participants were able to create their lovable artworks within short time. I really feel the lovely part of Zentangle.

Thanks for the support of Zan Zhuo Tang, the art studio has window on three sides, and it is so spacious!

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