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多動症青年: 建立界線 ADHD teenagers: Setting boundary

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在我與一班多動症青年的治療小組中, 社工提醒我, 參與者在課室中經常說粗口。在治療室建立守則, 可以讓所有參與者提供一個安全的環境, 這些守則包括不批判及彼此尊重。粗口可以是治療小組, 其中一個主題, 他們可以發掘這個溝通模式對他們的個人意義及影響。

In one of my therapy groups with ADHD teenagers, a social worker reminded me that they always say foul language in classroom. Establishing rules in therapy room helps to provide a safe environment for all the participants. The rules include nonjudgement and respect. Speaking foul language can be a theme in the group. They may explore the personal meanings and effects of the communication style.

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