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尋找潛意識的足跡 Find the traces of the unconsciousness

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透過理解夢境及藝術作品所留下的形象,我們可以尋找潛意識的足跡,讓非理性、理性及現實整合 。當中的意義,只能由創作者體會及領略,而不是由治療師解讀 。若雙方都不作預先判斷,才可以發掘到更深刻的意義(Knill, Levine & Levine, 2010) 。

We can find the traces of the unconsciousness by interpreting the hidden forms in dreams and artworks. We can integrate the irrationality into thinking and practice. The interpretation must be done by the artists (participants), not the therapists. Without any prejudgment from both therapists and artists, deeper meaning can be explored and come to light (Knill, Levine & Levine, 2010).

Knill, P. J., Levine, E. G., and Levine, S. K. (2010). Principles and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy: Toward a Therapeutic Aesthetics. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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