Artist Statement

All people have the innate ability in art making, but it may be suppressed. Many people even doubt about and distance from it. The happening of art should be in our daily life, and at the grass root level. It reminds each of us as unique individuals and connects people across boundaries. It is not a luxury and should be accessible to everyone. I commit to using the power of arts in fostering individual growth, interpersonal relationship, and a better world.

Jelly's Artworks

Selected Songs in YouTube

搖搖擺擺 (live)





一晚快樂 (song from movie 'Moonlight Express')

Release me (song from movie 'Moonlight Express')

Will you come back to my arms again (song from TV serious 'Cold Blood Warm Heart')



Selected Chinese Calligraphy



Title: 和仆射晋公扈从温湯 

Size : 36cm x 140cm x 6 pieces

Year : 2016


Title: Learning without thinking leads to confusion; thinking without learning ends in peril. 

Size : 17cm x 25cm 

Year : 2012

Title: The fragrance of flower 

Size : 45cm x 60cm 

Year : 2010